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Homely made the best food for dogs in India


Boiled chicken with rice– This is a favorite of dogs. Cooking isn't even difficult. Buy chicken, clean well, no need to add spices/salt, add potato/carrot if available, pressure cook in a pressure cooker, and your meal is done. You may even offer this to your dog on a daily basis without causing any damage. Vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, cabbage, carrots, beans, and apples can also be included. Include the chicken broth that you receive from cooking the chicken in the dish as well.

Boiling eggs- While not every breed of dog enjoys eggs, they are really good to your dog and you may feed him/her boiled eggs. Because gluten is high in chapatis/bread/human biscuits, do not feed them to your dog.


While I strongly oppose the concept that if your family is vegetarian, you should do the same for your dog because dogs are, in general, carnivores, here are a few veg food alternatives that dogs are known to enjoy. You can feed boiling sweet potato, ghee (in little amounts), potato, carrot, and ginger. Although 90% of dogs would not appreciate such a horrifying dinner with no meat at first, you should count yourself lucky if your dog eats or shows interest in a 100% veg home-cooked supper. If he/she does not, and you have no other choice but to include non-veg food in your home. Or you can buy regular meat dry food in the market.

Fruits-While fruits will not be able to replace your dog's regular meal, here are a few fruits that are perfectly safe and even healthy for your dog. Sugarcane, watermelon, guava, cucumber, mango, pineapple, and banana may all be given to your dog. Simply avoid citrus fruits such as lemon and orange, as well as fruits that are overly salty or sour. You should be good to go. It is important to avoid giving seeds of large fruits such as mangoes, while mango pulp/skin is ok.

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